hi… my name is nicole.

I graduated May 2010 with a Master of Architecture from NC State University. Continuing for another year of education, I will have a Master of Global Innovation Management. This entails a study abroad semester in Aix en Provence, France. Yes! Oui!

I love photography, architecture, travel, and anything design related. I am most creative when I’m either procrastinating or making a gift. I try a little of everything… pottery, painting, sketching, furniture-making, graphic design, gnome-making, binding, knitting, jewelry-making, clothing, found-object-creature-making… anything.

One day I’ll get my portfolio work on this website. One day…

I started this blog as a way of recording the random things I make and/or photograph. Now that I have a cellphone capable of decent-quality photos, I find myself snapping everything. Recently I’ve grown interested in film photography, so my cellphone point-and-shoot records everything in the meantime while my film gets developed.

This blog is a way to record a memory a day, but it’s primarily intended to motivate daily creativity.

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